What We're Doing

Meadowcreek Inc. has several functions.

  • Stewardship of the natural resources in this magnificent rock rimmed valley

  • Maintenance of the private and public buildings on the site

  • Support for residents who demonstrate sustainable ways to live in this remote setting.

  • Hold events and programs that celebrate rural ways of life.

  • Offer lodging for those who want to visit.

Meadowcreek is managed by residents and volunteers with guidance from our Board of Directors. There is no administration, staff, or personnel manual.


Projects are operated by individuals or teams who manage their own efforts. We hold monthly community meetings to share our experiences and invite participation if help is needed. 

The Meadowcreek community has agreed to these main principles:

 (1) We want Meadowcreek to prosper and our residents to find ways to live and prosper in the valley.

(2) Whatever we try with our programs, care of the environment is a key component. That means keeping our valley as pristine as possible and causing no issues for our downstream neighbors.

(3) Visits, programs, and events at Meadowcreek are designed to encourage care and respect for the Ozarks and its residents. 

The pull-down menu under “Things we do” shares our projects at the present time. They may change if the people or circumstances offer new opportunities.