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Lessons from the Land

Meadowcreek is a hidden gem found amid the rugged folds of the Ozark Mountains. Those who live and work here enjoy the beauty and adventure of their remote mountain setting, but they also know the challenges of living and working in a rural location. 

Over the years Meadowcreek's mission has been to be an incubator for ideas on ways people in this region can thrive, grow, and pay their bills, without long commutes. The main requirement is that these activities support and protect the natural environment. 

​Residents and volunteers manage Meadowcreek with guidance from our Board of Directors. There is no administration or personnel manual.


Projects are operated by individuals or teams who manage their pwn efforts. We hold monthly community meetings to share our experiences and invite participation if help is needed. 

The Meadowcreek community has agreed to these main principles:

 (1) We want Meadowcreek's residents to find ways to live and prosper in the valley.

(2) Whatever we try with our programs, care of the environment is a key component. That means keeping our valley as pristine as possible and causing no issues for our downstream neighbors.

(3) Visits, programs, and events at Meadowcreek are designed to encourage care and respect for the Ozarks and its residents. 

Our projects will change as the people and circumstances offer new opportunities. 

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