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Directions to Meadowcreek

Visitors are always welcome at Meadowcreek. Please call before you come, so we can be sure someone will be here to greet you. Call 870-363-4452.


  1. Using GPS, set it to Fox, AR, not the Natural Lodge

  2. At FOX, turn off Highway 263 on the road by the Post Office.

  3. Once you turn, drive behind the post office and the city park on the left.

  4. At the intersection, turn right and follow that road straight for 3.5 miles.

  5. Continue straight on the gravel road, even when the pavement turns left.

  6. Watch for Meadowcreek signs to direct you. Don't take side roads. All driveways are private.

  7. The last mile down the hill is a one-lane steep winding "scenic" road. Go very slow. Low gear is helpful.

  8. At the bottom, you'll see the "Welcome to Meadowcreek" sign.

Directions to the Natural Lodge

  1. Make a sharp left in front of the Welcome sign

  2. Follow that road for 1/2 mile.

  3. Continue across a low-water bridge, and up a hill.

  4. Turn left at the large stone triangle marked "Dorms" on the left side of the road.

  5. The Natural Lodge is the first building you will see on your right.

  6. The drive will lead to the main entrance. 

Directions to the Barn and Camping

  1. A slight right at the Welcome sign takes you to the Barn gate.

  2. Drive through the gate and follow the pasture road to the barn

  3. Camping sites are passed the barn in designated areas

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