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Directions to Meadowcreek

Visitors are always welcome at Meadowcreek however, we do ask that you call before you come, so we can be sure someone will be here to greet you. Call 870-363-4452.

Use the map below to get directions to Fox, AR. Then follow the written directions below to guide you to our valley. GPS is not accurate from Fox. 


When you reach Fox, turn off Highway 263 at the post office, drive one block past the city park, and turn right at the T intersection. Follow that road for 3.5 miles.


The last mile down the hill is a winding "scenic" road. Go slow. When you reach the bottom of the hill turn left at the Meadowcreek sign. Follow that road over a low water bridge, up a hill, and turn left at the large stone structure on the left side of the road. The Natural Lodge is the first building you will see on your right. The drive will lead to the rear entrance. 

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