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Stay at the Natural Lodge

The best descriptions of what it's like to stay at the Natural Lodge come from our guests:


"This is the place to unplug, recharge, and reconnect!”

"Meadowcreek is a magical place you will NOT want to leave and will never forget!!"

"If you're trying to disconnect from a fast-paced world and just be able to breathe, this is the place for you. The gorgeous deep woods scenery around you, swimming in the creek, and enjoying the quiet of this remote location helped my family relax and reconnect with each other. There was plenty of space for all 16 of us."

Reserve the entire five-bedroom Lodge on Airbnb

Sleeps 20 including two sleeper sofas.

Inside the Lodge

Natural Lodge when it was a women's dormitory.jpg

The Lodge was once a women’s dormitory when Meadowcreek was an education center in the 1980s. Its unique architecture was constructed as a model of energy efficiency. Since then the building has been upcycled into an Airbnb. With five bedrooms and 20 beds, the entire lodge is often booked for family reunions, group meetings, and gatherings of friends. 

The Setting

valley view south good (2).png

The Natural Lodge is located in a 1600-acre valley owned and protected by The Humane Society of the United States and The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas. Meadowcreek, Inc. holds a lifetime lease on the property.

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