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About Meadowcreek

Where We Are

Meadowcreek, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization situated in a 1600-acre pristine valley that is one of the largest privately owned and protected tracts of forest and farmland in the Ozark region. Located near Fox, Arkansas, our three-mile-long valley is rimmed on both sides by high, rocky bluffs rising 500 feet above the floodplain. The stream, Meadow Creek, runs the entire length of the valley.

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What We Do

Meadowcreek is about opportunities, especially for people living in
remote, rural settings. With 1600 acres of protected forests, pastures,
and waterways, we use the 10 buildings on our site to support residents engaged in low-impact living. 

We invite visitors to join us by staying in our Natural Lodge, attending
events, and joining volunteer efforts to help our local communities.


Sometimes, in this economically challenged community, our neighbors cannot adequately care for themselves due to health or other reasons. As a service, we feed over 500 families in a three-county region by distributing food and other items at the Meadowcreek Exchange in beautiful downtown Fox.

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas,
and The Humane Society of the United States, we offer opportunities
for our guests to experience the wonders of the Meadow Creek valley.

And we encourage everyone to support wildlife and land protection efforts, as well as our country's rural communities.

Why We're Special

Meadowcreek's unique qualities have drawn the attention of The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas and The Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust.


They provide permanent protection of the valley's natural resources and the wildlife habitat for rare species such as the Yellow Cheeked Snail Darter that is found in Meadow Creek and the Little Red River.

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