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The History of Meadowcreek

By Gary Valen


Writing a history of Meadowcreek is no easy task. I know, I’ve tried for several months. My academic training is in history, so all my drafts read like boring textbooks; not the best way to tell you this fascinating story.


So to spark your interest in Meadowcreek. The story is told in four brief slideshows


Early History

Meadowcreek Project

The Kerr Center Merger

The Humane Society of the United States & Meadowcreek Inc.


I was a witness and participant in the last three of these periods, although my great-grandkids believe I was here roaming with the dinosaurs. My association with Meadowcreek began in 1984, and since then I've gathered stories, pictures, and artifacts left by the people who lived here.

In that way, this is an unfinished story as there are lots of people who can share their own experiences in the valley. I welcome all feedback and will be happy to publish relevant submissions. Send comments through the contact form or write directly to me at

Early History

The Meadowcreek valley's early history is revealed to curious and adventuresome current-day explorers through clues left behind, including fossils, artifacts, and structures. We also have a growing collection of items displayed in the Lodge that were picked up by residents and guests.

Heading 2


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