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Aliza Cummings

From Meadowcreek's earliest days, growing, preparing, enjoying, and sharing wholesome food has been a long-held tradition. Through the years, our community had several talented cooks who knew how to transform local produce into "finger-lickin' good" meals. Aliza Cummings tops that list! And being a great cook is just one of her many gifts.


Along with her husband, Tim, Aliza grows organic herbs, roots, fruits, and produce in our main garden. They are dedicated stewards of the land, using no-till, back-to-Eden methods. A fully equipped greenhouse allows them to extend their growing season. Aliza implements herbs and edible landscaping into every part of the incredible natural garden designs and enjoys sharing her many years of gardening experience with visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

In Meadowcreek's state-licensed kitchen, she converts garden herbs and produce to value-added canned, dried, preserved, and frozen goods. The kitchen also has a retail food permit for preparing catered meals for visitors and the general public. Aliza manages the operation and creates products for our Airbnb guests, community events, and regional stores. 


When she's not in the garden or the kitchen, Aliza also oversees the Natural Lodge to make it ready, safe, and clean for Airbnb guests.

However, the project nearest and dearest to her heart is the organization she created to distribute food to at least 500 families in our region. The Gathering Place Food Pantry @ Meadowcreek collects produce, meat, and products from several resources and supplies them to local/regional families in need. With the help of volunteers from the community churches and families, vital groceries are provided to those in need. On distribution day at The Meadowcreek Exchange building in Fox, it's not unusual to see a mile-long line of cars with folks who are grateful for a box of groceries, supplies, and treats for the kids. Aliza attributes her faith and belief in God to the vision for this project, and for making it possible. 


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