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Aliza Cummings

Growing and preparing food has been part of Meadowcreek's tradition from its beginning. We've been fortunate to have several talented cooks who know how to transform local produce into "finger-lickin' good" meals. Aliza is one of the best! And cooking is just one of her many talents. Along with her husband, Tim, Aliza grows produce in our main garden with the use of our fully equipped greenhouse.


She makes products that supply a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business, and she operates a commercial kitchen. There she manages the Meadowcreek market facility which is licensed to convert garden produce to value-added canned and frozen goods. She also has a commercial retail food permit that allows her to offer meals to the public. 

Aliza and her helpers also manage the Natural Lodge to ready it for Airbnb guests. She has done a phenomenal job keeping the Lodge sanitized and safe for visitors. 

She also distributes food to nearly 400 families in our region. Her organization, called The Gathering Place, collects produce, meat and products from several regional Food Banks and supplies them to local families in need. On distribution day at The People’s Library in Fox, it's not unusual to see a mile-long line of cars with folks who are grateful for a box of groceries and treats for the kids. 

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