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Wayne Jordan

Wayne is a computer specialist, former owner of a contracting firm, and house renovator. He came to Meadowcreek to visit his sister, Aliza Cummings. Luckily, we convinced him to stay.


Meadowcreek has 11 buildings on site, its own water system, and a complex electric grid. Wayne is our fix-it man. During his first community meeting at the Natural Lodge, someone heard the water running. After a brief examination, he quickly determined we had a leak. So his first week at Meadowcreek was spent in the basement of the Lodge replacing several plumbing lines. As he goes about working on various projects, you'll often hear him say, “I've never seen anything like this in my whole life.”

The past year he has directed the renovation of the Spring House. We seriously considered bulldozing the structure but he brought it back to life. In the process, he also organized and equipped the Mechanic Shop so we are now prepared to meet most of our repair or construction needs in-house.  Meadowcreek is fortunate to have such a multi-talented and dedicated member of our community.

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