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Tim Cummings

Meadowcreek residents have found many ways to make a living in a remote, rural setting that also supports and sustains the environment. Tim demonstrates how to do that through all of his endeavors.

He operates a wood mill using barren trees to make full-dimensional lumber for our projects and to sell. That’s a big deal! Not only is he supplying materials needed to maintain our buildings, but he’s also producing custom-cut lumber for area residents. When’s the last time you bought a 2 x 4 that really measured 2 inches by 4 inches? That’s what Tim produces.

While he is out scouting for trees, he also keeps several beehives that are scattered up and down the valley. Bees are vital pollinators needed for hay and food production. Tim harvests the honey and sells it through the Meadowcreek Market.

Another important service that Tim provides is to keep the water flowing to our facilities. Meadowcreek is responsible for maintaining the water system for 11 buildings on site. In our rocky terrain, that can be challenging. At times he has to climb through the woods to the top of the ridge to access the equipment that regulates the flow. 

Tim also teams up with Aliza to grow garden produce and raise poultry. One of his recent projects is building chicken tractors. These are coops on sleds that give chickens constant access to fresh grass, while they fertilize the soil and control pests. In the market garden, the couple grow a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables for their use and to make wholesome products to sell. Tim also assists Aliza in collecting and distributing food to local area residents who are in need through their organization called The Gathering Place.

As you can tell, Tim is a hardworking member of our community. He can also be counted on to lend an extra hand when asked. He always shows up with a smile and encouraging words.  

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