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Philip Robinson

Philip came to Meadowcreek through quixotic whim, which could also be used to describe him as one of our larger personalities found in the beautiful valley we call home. Phil spent most of his adult life as a dedicated father of Kaden and Tyler. Being a caregiver and maintaining a balanced home was of utmost importance to the family unit running on all cylinders, and he is ever grateful to his loving wife who, in his words, "suffered the corporate slog" while he worked to do all he could to bring kindness, Love, and values to the Robinson progeny. The kids turned into men, wonderful ones at that, and moved out leaving he and his wife empty nesters in the town they met in as just a couple of kids themselves, Orlando Florida. Six miles from the city center, in a town of 3 million people, in a now big empty house seemed absurd and Phil asked his wife to trust in him. They sold most of what the years had collected, packed up a small tow behind trailer, and headed north with some idea of what could be a wonderful life after the years of hustle & bustle moving through 11 states. A place they could call home.


Through no less than what he refers to as a miraculous supernatural event, Phil led them to The Elysian Fields, christened Meadowcreek, to enjoy an eternity of bliss as a reward for their devotion. From their first arrival at Meadowcreek the pair knew they'd been led to something special. Phil credits a friend and admired man, Gary Valen, who conferred on The Robinson's the privilege of becoming Meadowcreek Residents. 


For 25 years Phil was a stay-at-home father, a leader, and a catalyst for his family's growth. In true chain-breaker fashion, they found harmony in excitement and passion for the eclectic. Phil offered his sons as much unique fruit from the garden of life as he could give them. They enjoyed many pastimes together (and still do) including music, all play guitar; writing, especially poetry; Philately; photography; rock hunting; their dogs; tennis; chess at a high level; reading; learning about being human by studying things such as mindfulness, awareness of others, positive languaging, diving into the greats of psychology & philosophy, and being good communicators for each other. Several years ago Phil attended IPEC and for a time operated as a Life Coach, doing his best to inspire the good in the people who were clients.  It wasn't a lucrative venture because he believed this knowledge freely belonged to everyone that had a head on their shoulders and not for an exorbitant fee if he charged a fee at all.  Phil is an admirably caring man who tends to those who struggle. He still keeps in touch with those clients to this very day and while in the city could often be found talking with the homeless. He has never met a stranger and as an extrovert he is certainly on new ground adapting to the pace of rural life. He is currently working with the Stone County Historical Society on several videography & photography projects and he's recently picked up where he left off on a book he has always wanted to write. He spends most of his time with their dog Stella climbing the hillsides, and doing what he can for those who need a helping hand. For now he tries to soak in the staggering skills of the Meadowcreek family, doing his equitable best not to break anything or get in the way, waiting to be solicited, and learning that which is most difficult for his personality type - being at peace with oneself.

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