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Kim Robinson

As one of the newest residents of Meadowcreek, Kim has possibly the unlikeliest of backgrounds for someone living in such a remote location within a wildlife preserve - a 30-year career in Corporate America! But then again, that's likely what led Kim and her husband Phil to Meadowcreek in the first place. That, and what she refers to as Divine Intervention! After spending the better part of 20 years in a career that frequently moved her family across the country and even more frequently took her away from them with weekly business travel, Kim was more than ready to make one more move. This time the goal was to find a place to establish roots and they had faith they would know when they got there. 


In late 2022, Kim & Phil left behind 3-million people in Central Florida and hit the road with only a general idea of the direction they'd travel. After 30 days on the road, with rain and snow the entire way, Phil booked a week's stay at Meadowcreek's Natural Lodge. 3 days later, they extended for another month. And the rest, you could say, is history! 


In December 2023, Kim was voted in by our Board of Directors as Meadowcreek, Inc.'s Executive Director. She now serves as the liaison between our Residents and the Board, ensuring day-to-day operations stay in line with the Board's overall vision, and seeking ways to maximize Meadowcreek's revenue. Her goal is to not only maintain but also improve our residences and facilities for those living here as well as guests, staying in harmony with and protecting the natural environment. Having spent much of her career in Multifamily Property Management, she's excited to apply some of what she's learned through the years to help Meadowcreek and her Residents thrive!

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