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The Gathering Place

Healthy food and delicious meals have always been a part of Meadowcreek. We see growing produce and providing food as a vital part of our mission.


Aliza and Tim Cummings continue this long tradition with a project they call “The Gathering Place.”  They utilize produce from Meadowcreek’s main garden to offer organically grown products to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business beyond the valley. The garden also supplies food for in-house meals and our food pantry. 

They also operate a commercial kitchen in Meadowcreek's market house to create value-added products such as canned vegetables, soup, salsa, and many other items. The kitchen has state permits to produce items for sale and to serve meals to the public. The Market operation produces revenue for Tim and Aliza that serves as a model for other rural residents. 


Aliza and Tim also recognize that unplanned circumstances may prevent individuals and families in our region from achieving enough revenue to take care of themselves. A myriad of reasons creates this problem including illness, disability, economic downturns, and advancing age.


For that reason, The Gathering Place developed a food pantry that picks up surplus produce from area Food Banks and distributes what they gather to people in need over our entire region.


Once a week our truck and trailer set up outside Meadowcreek's People’s Library in Fox to distribute the weekly gatherings.  Local volunteers load groceries into the lined-up vehicles and other volunteers to pick up items to supply people in their neighborhoods. We believe there is no reason anyone should be hungry in a food-rich society like ours. 

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