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Gary Valen

Gary Valen moved back to Meadowcreek in 2019 after two previous occupancies in 1995 and 2011. While he had been a frequent visitor as board president, it was time to generate a new mission for Meadowcreek. 

His first task was to clean up the mess. After 40 years the accumulation of junk was mountainous. He often remarks that the people at the Stone County Transfer Station are some of his best acquaintances.

The challenge to move Meadowcreek in a new direction was fostered by the combined efforts of residents, board members, and friends. The ongoing programs are outlined on this website. Gary’s job title now reads President, Grounds Keeper, and Garbage Man. He's also the chief photographer. Check out some of his pictures by clicking on Photos on this site. 

He is also the host to many Airbnb visitors and loves to guide people to the various natural and historic areas of the valley. Gary takes special delight in taking youngsters on their first nature hikes. His specialty is teaching rock skipping on the waters of the creek. 


Being President of Meadowcreek does have its special responsibilities. He recently cut through a drywall to rescue a kitten that had fallen down an opening in an attic wall. Then there is digging to find a water leak, pulling vehicles out of ditches, and temporary roof repairs. 

The title also has its privileges. His dogs take him for a walk in the woods or to the creek every day. He enjoys the fres food that is grown and prepared by the great Meadowcreek cooks. And he delights in the Barn concerts, artist retreats, and nature adventures created by Meadowcreek’s program initiatives. He says it’s a great gig for his retirement although it is obvious he is still in full work mode. 

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