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Emily Baker

Emily is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design at the University of Arkansas. She came to Arkansas in 2017 after serving as an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Tulane University. She is a Registered Architect and has an impressive list of publications and research initiatives.

Her involvement with Meadowcreek began with an interest in the potential artist programs and activities especially related to Ozark music traditions. She attended several concerts in the Barn and inspected all of the facilities to determine what could be used for an artist colony. 

She joins the Board of Directors with the specific assignment to help restore and restructure the existing facilities. Emily is also interested in designing and building small cottages that are comfortable to the occupants and sensitive to the environment. Her designs are ideal for the type of housing Meadowcreek needs for visitors to experience living in a community that is in harmony with its natural surroundings.


Meadowcreek is already being used by artists including musicians, glass designers, potters, and sculptors for inspiration and quality time to do their work.  Writers also spend time in the valley to do their work. Emily wants to design places they can live and work in the natural setting of the Meadowcreek valley.  

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