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David Ciscel

David first discovered Stone County in the late 1970s. He and his children drove over from Memphis to camp at Blanchard Springs and Barkshed campgrounds. At first, they enjoyed the area's delights of the forest, hills, and streams. But then they slowly added attending music events on the town square and at the Folk Center to their list. Finally, they discovered the community of artists and craftspeople and found Mountain View to be a unique community carved out of the Arkansas hills. 


Meanwhile, David continued his career at the University of Memphis as Professor of Economics, Associate Dean, and Graduate Dean. David’s children grew up, left for college, and built their own lives across the country. In 1990, he and his wife, Carol, purchased a small cabin on Cow Mountain to make their commitment to the area more permanent. 

David began retiring from university life in 2006 and finally completed the process in 2012. Since then, he has spent more and more time on Cow Mountain. He has built a group of friends among the arts and crafts community. For eight years David wrote a column, Cow Mountain Economist, for the Stone County Leader. For several years, he was a Board member and Treasurer for the Arkansas Craft School. 

David first visited Meadowcreek in the 1990s. As a newly appointed Board member, he is getting reacquainted.




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