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Dave Smith

Dave is a long-time supporter of Meadowcreek. He and his wife Maria live just above the valley in a charming log home they built mostly themselves. The two of them are classic back-to-landers who are successful.  He operates a small farm with cattle, extensive gardens and orchards. His home has been totally off the electrical grid for 30 years and he drives a pick-up that runs on waste oil that is recycled from local fast-food restaurants. Maria and Dave are the models the Meadowcreek Project hoped to duplicate all across the Ozark region. 

Music is Dave’s passion and expertise. He plays numerous instruments and knows a lot of the songs that originated in Europe and were brought to the Ozarks by early settlers. He also sings and calls square dancing. Dave is as member of the well-known local band Harmony. The group often played at Meadowcreek in the early days. He is presently the host of the radio show Ozark Highlands Radio that features the music and stories of the mountain music traditions. Board member Charlie Sandage works with Dave on the show.

Dave contributes his building, musical and educational interests to Meadowcreek. When it came time to build a dance floor for the Barn, he took charge and made it happen. He was a participant and organizer for the Old Time Fiddler contest held in the Meadowcreek barn. 

The preservation of the Meadowcreek valley is important to Dave as well as the restoration and renewal of the Ozark music traditions.  He was elected Vice President of the Board at the last meeting and is dedicated to the programs and success of Meadowcreek, Inc. 

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