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Charley Sandage

Charley joined the Meadowcreek Board after he conducted an interview on-site for the Ozark Highlands Radio show. It didn’t take that much convincing because he loved the place. It was like home to him. 

Meadowcreek is lucky to have him. Charley is a songwriter, musician, storyteller, writer, radio host, and above all a collector of music and stories of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains.


He is semi-retired but it doesn’t show. During his career, he was an executive at AETN, the Arkansas PBS network. He was a co-founder and early employee of the Ozark Folk Center, a state park near Mountain View. He has continued working through the Folk Center to co-host the Ozark Highlands Radio Show along with fellow board member Dave Smith. 

He lives and works with his wife Vicky on a bluff overlooking the White River north of Mountain View. The view is spectacular and no doubt an inspiration for his creative efforts.

Charley’s special assignment at Meadowcreek is to help create an authentic climate for musicians and other artists to showcase unique Ozark traditions, especially music. In our efforts to make Meadowcreek the destination for people who desire experiences in Ozark rural areas, his stories and music contribute to the legacy we want to present. 

Charley has been called an Arkansas Treasure by prominent people who are qualified to make that judgment. He is certainly a treasure to Meadowcreek. 

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