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Bo Bennett

Bo joined the Meadowcreek Board of Directors in 2014. As a life-long gardener and an expert in small produce marketing, he was helpful for the development of the gardens and food production in the valley. He presently serves as manager of The Nurserie Farm and Garden business in Little Rock. The mission of the nursery is to sell produce both wholesale and retail to consumers interested especially in heirloom and native plants and fruits. 


When the Board of Directors decided to move Meadowcreek in a new direction, Bo was instrumental in developing an agritourism business model. He linked Meadowcreek with AirBnB that brings visitors to the Natural Lodge. That has produced needed revenues for the non-profit and also allowed informal education opportunities to help people understand the vital need to preserve natural areas.  

Bo understands marketing and also non-profit organizations. He is a member of the Dunbar Community Garden board.  Dunbar’s mission is to teach people, especially young people about where their food comes from and how to grow it themselves. In this capacity, Bo is a vital Meadowcreek board member to help visitors appreciate and utilize produce from small-scale local farms that use environmentally sensitive methods. 

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