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Blue is affectionally known as the "camp dog." She shows up everywhere. Blue came to Meadowcreek as a small puppy with the assignment to chase varmints out of the garden. However, she had a completely different idea.


First, because she has the dog version of attention deficit disorder, she could not be bothered with a job that didn’t interest her. She saw the need to focus on anything and everything that popped up in front of her, be that wildlife, people, or motorized vehicle. 

Second, she is a hound dog with instincts to hunt and dig rather than watch and guard. She also grew to a much larger size than anticipated. She loves to run with long legs that propel her over the fields with breath-taking speed. She often gallops in front of vehicles traveling down the road, then her attention is diverted, and a few minutes later she shows up trotting behind the vehicle. 


Blue is always ready for a hike through the pasture or along the creek and can easily jump on top of a large hay bale for a better view or swim across fast-moving waters. Nothing seems to stop her. 

As Blue grew, she did find a job she seems born to do. She greets all the visitors. When guests come to the Natural Lodge, or just stop by, Blue is right there with her version of a warm welcome: a wagging tail and a quick lick. Her friendly demeanor seems to charm everyone. If you look at group photos on this website, Blue is in most of them. 

Like all the residents of Meadowcreek, Blue loves the outdoors and seeks adventures in nature at every opportunity. Her joyful spirit inspires us except when she shows her mischievous side and grabs something that has been set down. She loves to run off and hide her new treasure. She actually smiles when she does that.

Blue is part of the vital force of beings that inhabit the Meadowcreek valley. It is such an incredible place to explore and interact with nature. But just so you understand, when you come Blue will most likely show up by your side with her warm nose, wagging tail, and the desire to accompany you on your adventure.

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