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Beverly Dunaway

Bev graduated from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business. She is a professionally certified integral coach with a background in corporate sales, marketing, project management, and small business ownership/management.


In 2009, Bev developed an interest in the Arkansas local food movement which led to establishing a farmers market in her rural Arkansas community. Simultaneously, she spearheaded the “Meadowcreek Link Project – Linking Local Foods and Local Folks,” a year-long, USDA-funded project to increase access to healthy, nutritious foods for people living in low-income, rural food deserts.


In 2009, she joined the Arkansas Farmers Market  Association (AFMA) and Certified Arkansas Farmers Markets (CAFM) serving as AFMA’s President in 2013 and as Executive Director in 2019.


Since 2013, she has consulted with all AFMA presidents and its market manager members, as well as hundreds of community organizers, growers, and producers throughout Arkansas to strengthen its local food network by establishing farmers' markets and helping individual growers and producers find new markets for their products.


Bev’s years of service to Meadowcreek and Arkansas farmers have created a passion within her for supporting the vitality of Arkansas’ rural communities in every way possible. She feels Meadowcreek has provided a unique opportunity for learning about rural challenges as well as opportunities to address them. As Meadowcreek continues to evolve, Bev is committed to applying acumen gained from her professional past to help establish Meadowcreek as a welcoming mainstay in the Arkansas rural landscape. 

Bev is currently developing The Project Dialogue, a program designed to provide a platform and an engaging format-for practice for groups of all kinds that want to develop their ability to communicate in ways that create possibilities rather than controversy and dispute. Bev brings passion, personal intensity, and an unstoppable belief in the capacity of people to reconsider and shift to her role as a dialogue coach. 

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