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The entire Ozark region is home to many world-class artists that draw on the region’s natural beauty and the story of its people to be a strong inspiration for their work. Often these highly talented people are not even known to their neighbors. Meadowcreek wants to change that.


Each year we select four or five local people for our artists-in-residence program and ask them to create two pieces of their work. One is for Meadowcreek to display for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. The other is for use in the People’s Library. 

Artists are paid a stipend for their efforts. They also have the option to teach workshops at Meadowcreek or spend time here to sharpen their creative inspirations. We often hear the comment that they see each other at concerts, shows, galleries, and workshops but there is seldom time to even talk with each other much less share common interests. The artist-in-residence program allows creative people to spend time with each other in a relaxed setting. 

Future plans include renovating a former dormitory for art studios on the lower level and living quarters on the upper floors. The facility will have its own kitchen and meeting rooms to conduct workshops or teach individual students.


We also envision the use of the former woodshop for expanded studios and open areas for art displays, dances, and small concerts. The barn is already set up for this type of larger events.

2021 was our first year of the program. As result, we now display a colorful rope woven tapestry created by local artist Cory Perry, that welcomes visitors near the entrance to the Natural Lodge.


Also, nationally recognized glass artists Tom and Sage Holland created a large stone sculpture that we call The Guardian of Meadowcreek along a trail next to the creek. The sculpture is accented with glass art pieces positioned to reflect the afternoon sun.


Sage also created intricately detailed glass pieces that represent various wildlife inhabitants at Meadowcreek. One is now displayed in The People’s Library.

Meadowcreek and the Library will also display a creative interpretive art piece that shows the unique fauna found in the valley by Brandon Weston. Brandon's work is more than just an identification guide. It reflects the healing quality of local herbs and the spiritual legends of the plants in our valley. 

Musicians Cindy Wolff and Mark Bilyeu wrote songs specifically for Meadowcreek to illustrate their interpretation of life in the valley. Their group called Creek Rocks play music at our summer Music in the Barn series and record songs for Meadowcreek’s use. Having spent considerable time in the valley, Cindy and Mark have a personal perspective they share in their songs about special things that can be experienced here. 

Almost every musician, painter, sculptor, bead maker, photographer, and writer that spends comes to Meadowcreek has encouraged us to create an artist-in-residence program. We listen and this is the road we are taking.

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