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The Gathering Place is a Certified Naturally Grown farm that belongs to Aliza Yarden-Cummings and Timothy Cummings. It was founded in 1999 not only for growing food but for the healing of the spirit, soul and body. They relocated their farm in January 2014 from Jacksonville, Alabama into the beautiful Meadowcreek Valley in Fox, Arkansas.

Aliza and Tim

Aliza and Tim specialize in heirloom and traditional vegetables, along with medicinal and culinary herbs. They are delivering their fresh food to the community via a CSA program and a local Farmers Market in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a program that connects people with local farmers by providing access to fresh, local and seasonal produce for consumers while sharing the risks and benefits of food production with the growers.


Besides their fresh produce, Aliza and Tim also sell a range of value-added products that are not only delicious but also healthy. These include herbs, oils, soups, pestos, salsas, pickles and much more. Based on their knowledge of medicinal plants and their years of experience, the two can recommend tinctures, teas, formulas, herbs and other natural remedies for almost any discomfort. They  want their customers to know where their produce comes from and encourage people to get to know their farmers. Therefore they are offering farm tours and workshops and also welcome volunteers and interns.

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Hours of operation:

8-5pm Mon-Fri
Call 870-376-2014 for Appointment

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  1. Janet Merten

    I would like to order some of your Distilled Witch Hazel Spray. Could you please send a link to ordering this product.

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