Meadowcreek Retreat and Learning Center

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The Meadowcreek Retreat and Learning Center (MRLC) is nestled on the forested edge of a bluff overlooking the valley below. In summer it is enveloped by a forest canopy that provides shade and comfort during the heat of the day. In winter the scene opens to a view of the entire Meadowcreek valley with a chimney rock bluff line to the west and peaks at the south end of the valley. Anytime during the year when Meadow Creek is flowing the sound of rushing water over rocks is embracing.  Whatever time of year MRLC provides a special place for people to relax, meditate and focus on for whatever purpose brought them to the valley.



MRLC serves a variety of functions including housing students involved in ecological studies, agricultural specialists focusing on resilient agriculture and families holding unique reunions. It serves as a classroom, meeting space, hands on workshop and community center. Recently we have started the process to upgrade the facility for more expanded use.  The building is now open for guided educational opportunities such as our drawing classes, mushroom school, and corporate retreats. We have even joined the AirBnB network that provides rooms for travelers.



Our main room serves as a reception area and can be quickly converted to a classroom, dining space or work area. The atmosphere is conducive for friendly gatherings or an intense intellectual examination of workplace proposals. Participants in a recent corporate retreat commented they accomplished much more than expected in the quiet setting.  MLRC offers telephone and internet service.  We do not get cell phone service at the present time although young people have taught us how to use our Facebook accounts to communicate with the outside world.




Meals are a special treat at MRLC. Whether you decide to hire Amy Smith to prepare one of her special meals or elect to cook for yourself, the food will be delicious. Part of the reason for that promise is we can use fresh produce from the garden in season. The same atmosphere that inspires meetings or gatherings permeates the dining table. We also encourage MRLC patrons to do some hiking and enjoy our outdoor trails so it is easy to work up a great appetite.


Our kitchen is designed to support large meals and several cooks or single chefs. We built a small coffee room setting next to the kitchen for small gatherings individual meals.  Some of our programs are cooking demonstrations such as Tim Jones, one Mushroom Guys.   Patrons of the MRLC are able to tailor their meal needs to fit their individual tastes and meal needs. Our only requirement is that everyone enjoy themselves.





We have six bedrooms at MRLC. Four have a queen bed and two or three bunkbeds. They are furnished with desks, stereo systems and closets. All of them have great views.  These rooms share a common shower room. There are two toilets and sink units.  Our fifth bedroom has a queen size bed and a separate bathroom. It is located on the ground floor for easy access.  The sixth bedroom has one queen size bed with office and phone service. It is often used by a staff member or counselor. We can sleep 16 people or 20 if there are couples. The Lodge at Meadowcreek is located near MRLC and offers AirBnB with three furnished bedrooms.

An outdoor patio with a fire pit offers a secluded spot to observe the valley below or an incredible view of the night sky without city light pollution.  MRLC is a perfect stop for bikers on The Grind Trail and hikers have a wide variety of trails and mountain climbs to explore. We have an open field for outdoor games including an outdoor basketball court. Meadowcreek is an ideal for Forest Bathing. (If you are not familiar with Forest Bathing check it out on the web.)


We hope you come to Meadowcreek and enjoy the scenery, activities, adventures and comradeship. MRLC offers reasonably priced board and lodging.  What really matters is that you will have a great and rare experience living and working in a secluded valley located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. It inspires any time of the year.

For additional information on facilities, rates and reservations please contact:

Gary Valen at 812-274-9050 or 240-688-0063