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The Gathering Place @ Meadowcreek is a Food Ministry, under the governing non-profit board & entity of Meadowcreek. Inc. We have been established since January of 2017.

Our vision is to have no hungry people on our regional map.

Our hearts’ passion is to disturb food to the impoverished & disadvantaged of Stone Co & this regional area. We reach out to help with a populace of people who don’t have the ability or capacity to pick-up their food. We want to be the heart, hands & feet that help. Walking out the spiritual principle of love your neighbor as yourself. Also, as long as the earth remains, seed time & harvest is here. So as we sow, we will also reap.

The ways we are walking this out is:  Delivering food with hearts of love to clients who don’t have the abundance of finances for basic necessities; like gas & food. Helping those with  multiple children; that makes it impossible to just borrow a  vehicle or ask someone for a ride. Some have one vehicle that is used for work; between multiple families. Still, there are others who are disabled in body or mind who don’t or shouldn’t drive. Also, some who don’t have in adequate facilities in there homes.

We see & hear many needs as we are in & out of the homes of these precious people. Sometimes we are able to provide clothes, food, or just being the ears that will listen, or the hearts’ that cares. We try to help encourage, love & be kind to all we have been given.


FOX, AR   72051

Phone: 870-376-2014