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Mushroom Workshop

June 16, 2018


Have you ever wondered if those mushrooms or fungi that you have encountered in your yard or in the woods when you take a stroll during the summer months could be edible?

If you have, then consider joining a group of other mushroom enthusiasts, who will be participating in a workshop focused on learning about some of the most commonly seen summer mushrooms that are known to fruit in Arkansas. Jay Justice, president of the Arkansas Mycologial Society will be leading this workshop. It will consist of a presentation showing some of the easily identifiable and edible mushrooms that can be found in Arkansas during the summer months as well as images of some mushrooms that have been known to cause GI upsets and even death! After the lunch that is included as part of the workshop, participants will follow Jay on a brief foray into the woods where the focus will be on searching for and collecting some examples of summer mushrooms. The workshop will conclude with a “show and tell” time where folks will bring the mushrooms and fungi they have collected back to the lodge where Jay will provide identifications of them and make relevant comments on their edibility or lack thereof.

Jay Justice

Jay Justice

Schedule – June 16th, 2018

  • 10:00 – Summer Mushrooms of Arkansas
  • 11:30  – Lunch
  • 12:45 – Foray into the Woods for Mushrooms
  • 2:45 – Show found mushrooms and discuss discoveries

MushroomGuys – June 16, 2018

 More information call Gary Valen at 812-274-9050


June 16, 2018


Gary Valen