May 29, 2017 – The Girls Are Home


MAY 29, 2017


The Meadowcreek community is delighted with our two new residents and the return of their mother. Sarah, Crissy and Kit are safely housed in our barn where they get special attention from Shirley Rosenbaum. I reported earlier about the trials and tribulations of bringing these two filly mules into the world.  When Shirley rescued Sarah there was some question if she would survive her broken pelvis much less give birth to two mules.

The Meadowcreek board of directors formally met our new resident at our meeting earlier this month. We were all impressed although the girls could care less. Sarah kept a watchful eye on all of us.


Both fillies are doing well and growing stronger every day. Shirley is still a concerned about Crissy’s legs. She is so exuberant she may put too much stress on her developing bones. Still she gets plenty of exercise and we were rewarded with an adventure outside the pen. Sarah is also healing nicely and her broken pelvis is mending. Shirley walks her twice a day although she must be careful about anything that will delay a complete healing.


The romp out of the pen was a great treat for all of us with cameras. They put on quite a show. We did all we could to keep up with them. Crissy demonstrates her speed and carefree spirit. Kit was a little more stoic until all of a sudden she put her ears back and kicked her back legs in a graceful demonstration of why one does not want to get to close to the rear end of a playful mule.


Shirley is restricting visitors at this time because all three are growing and healing. We hope they will be strong enough in near future to allow visitors. In the meantime we admire them from afar and thank Shirley for the special opportunity to meet them.



Obviously I am not the only president to get kicked around this spring.



One incident indicated the attitude of the fillies to our visit. When they were in the pasture I got on my knees with my Nikon and just started shooting. Crissy seemed intrigued by that and started to run past me and then head back to the far end of the pasture where her mother was being exercised by Shirley.



Every time she came by she got a little closer and at one point brushed my shoulder. The next time she headed in my direction she veered toward me, turned on her front legs and kicked her rear legs up bumping the camera. It was a carefully orchestrated maneuver and I was not sure if she is camera shy or just amusing herself. After seeing the look in her eye in the last picture I took of her as she headed my way I concluded she has no respect for authority. I like that!

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