April 10, 2017 – Miracles Happen When Someone Loves Unconditionally


The Meadowcreek community received the joyous news on March 20th that Sara, one of the horses that Shirley and Charles Rosenbaum have rescued for the Meadowcreek Equine Rescue Mission, gave birth to two mules.  What makes this a miracle is that Sara came to Meadowcreek with a broken pelvis. She was not expected to live but Shirley was certain she could nurse her back to health. Then the news came that Sara was pregnant.  Several veterinarians were consulted and the best they could hope for was a fifty/fifty chance of Sara’s survival much less her foal.





The best hope Sara had was to go to the Oklahoma State Center for Veterinary Health Sciences Ranch to give birth under the supervision of a highly regarded veterinarian team.  Oklahoma State is seven hours from Meadowcreek. Shirley and Charles had a big decision to make.  The chances of Sara making it through a birth was marginal. There would be medical bills and several trips to Oklahoma.  They made the decision that Sara was worth it and took her to Oklahoma State with a lot of love and compassion. They were not certain they would see Sara again.


Sara received lots of attention from the veterinarians and students at the Oklahoma State facility. They decided to induce labor because they were afraid she would give birth in the night when no one was there. This birth would require special handling. In the late afternoon of March 20 Shirley received a phone call that Sara had given birth to a healthy filly and Sara was doing fine. Then the call was interrupted and the news came back shortly later that there was another one. Sara had given birth to twin fillies, one white and one black.  The staff at the Veterinary Health Services Center were elated. One of the instructors told the students to look carefully at the scene because they were not likely to see this happen again in their lifetimes.


Sara and her young ones are still in Oklahoma as of April 10.  The news of their birth was put on Facebook and the staff reports there have been five hundred thousand hits from all over the world


We are not certain when we will get the newest members of the Meadowcreek community back home. The big question everyone has is what to name them. Salt and Pepper has been the popular choice. Shirley says she wants to bring them home and have a naming contest. We will let everyone know when they are back in the Meadowcreek barn and ready for visitors.  In the meantime we ask everyone to send special thoughts for their continued good health.  As you can see from this photograph, we are concerned about the white filly. She is getting the best care possible and there is a good prognosis she will continue to improve.


Shirley has made a special place for horses at the Meadowcreek Equine Rescue Mission. She is unable to take all the horses in need due to a lack of space and a staff. Her love for these animals clearly shows after they have come from often miserable conditions to Meadowcreek. With special diets, daily exercise, veterinary care and a healthy environment they recover. Charles supports her efforts every step of the way.  Their project takes a lot of work and is expensive.  Then comes a once in a lifetime reward that their efforts have paid off for Sara.


We at Meadowcreek join a half million others people to say congratulations to Shirley and Charles and of course, Sara.  We have witnessed a miracle and your unconditional love made it possible.



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