March 18, 2017 – An Aerial View


MARCH 17, 2017

Dear Friend of Meadowcreek,

Meadowcreek operates similar to many small rural communities on a low budget with lots of volunteer help. We do not have any full-timed paid employees. Members of our Board of Directors serve as volunteers for management responsibilities such as accounting, programming and day to day operations. Our residents often trade labor for rent. When we do need outside help we hire people for the specific job on a contract basis. Several months ago when we were struggling to find a volunteer to revamp our website, I asked my son David if he had any suggestions. David has a high level IT job with a major insurance company in Des Moines. His suggestion was an offer to take over our website operations and to cover the costs as a donation to Meadowcreek. He got the job!

One of David’s hobbies is flying his quadcopter. As many of you know, the use of quadcopters for aerial photography has exploded over the past few years and is changing the way we look at our surroundings. Last September David flew his quadcopter over the valley and we were astounded by the views. (see above) Meadowcreek became much more than buildings, fields and roads; it was a work of art.

Naturally we decided to share these visions on the website as a motivation for people to visit our valley, attend our events and book our facilities.  We also planned to get shots at various times of the year. We gathered together last weekend to do some early spring fly overs. As anyone living in the Ozarks will tell you, the natural world has its own schedule. Even though spring flowers are out, daffodils (jonquils) are blooming winter returned to our valley last weekend. The quadcopter was grounded by both icy rain and temperatures below the operational range of the machine.

Sunday morning we woke up to a white sparkling wonderland. A wet snow covered every tree branch, blade of grass and everything else. The sun was just up over our eastern slope and we decided to try a flight. Outside in the bitter cold David started the copter but it would not fly. The batteries were too cold so our only choice was to let it hover about two feet off the ground for almost fifteen minutesl to warm up. When we finally got the signal to fly the batteries were almost drained. The copter took off from the road just outside our dormitory, sailed high above us and got this shot.

We made four more flights that day and some stills are offered on our website.  We hope you enjoy them and make a plan to join us when it is convenient. My thanks to David and all the volunteers associated with Meadowcreek. The preservation of this incredible valley may be our only compensation and to me we are richly rewarded.

Gary L. Valen


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