March 13, 2017 – Welcome to Meadowcreek

Dear Friend of Meadowcreek,

This is my first letter to all of you about Meadowcreek, the place and the organization. If you do not know about us, please review our website: When you have questions or comments, please contact us on the website or directly to me at

This letter is especially directed to any of you with a Meadowcreek story. Since 1979 hundreds of people have spent some time in our incredible valley. We want to know what you experienced and how in impacted your life. In return I will share what is happening now. As many of you know, Meadowcreek is a community made up of current residents and also everyone who has a special feel for Rocky Hollow, Pinnacle Point, Bee Bluff and Rock Hole. I am always amazed by the number of people I encounter in my travels with a Meadowcreek connection. That common bond between us has inspired a new direction for our present organization.

We face some challenges in today’s society that could not have been anticipated thirty years ago. Environmental concerns no longer take center stage even though climate change is obviously impacting our daily lives. Our attentions are riveted to tiny screens in search of the next intriguing news, game, gossip and score. Many young people never walk in a forest, wade a creek or encounter an animal in the wild. Rural communities are dying as people flock to major urban centers just at the moment when our technological advances allow many of us to work anywhere. People generally do not experience the taste and nutrition of fresh food from a local garden.

Our mission is twofold. We seek to imagine, discuss and implement ways to cultivate vitality in rural communities. Our residents live and work in the remote Meadowcreek valley every day. We learn from their experiences and we are constantly seeking the advice and teachings people with similar lifestyles.

Our second goal is to share our pristine valley with as many people as possible to ignite an appreciation and reverence for natural systems. We share our valley with wildlife as a part of The Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust. When a corporate board selects our Meadow Creek Learning and Retreat Center for a meeting, we make certain the participants also immerse themselves in the wonders of the Meadowcreek valley. We offer opportunities for individuals and groups to join us just to spend some time in nature. We dream of building ‘tiny houses’ with a low environmental impact for people to experience and perhaps embrace. In the meantime our facilities are available for rent to give you a first time Meadowcreek adventure or renew your connection with our valley. Come back to this site often to learn what we are experiencing. In the meantime we want to hear from you.

Warm wishes,

Gary L. Valen

President of Meadowcreek Board of Directors

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