Meadowcreek Rural Enterprise Incubator provides a place and support for selected individuals and groups to demonstrate how people can make a living in a remote rural setting. Located in a pristine valley in the Ozark region of north central Arkansas, Meadowcreek leases land and buildings to its residents for a variety of enterprises, primarily farm-related. Educational programs sponsored by Meadowcreek and its leaseholders provide tested, effective and leading edge strategies for living and working in a rural region. Located on approximately 400 acres Meadowcreek is a learning laboratory for ecology, resilient food systems, health and sustainable energy.


The Meadowcreek fields, gardens, homes, and farm buildings are surrounded by approximately 1300 acres of a wildlife preserve administered and held by The Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust. Together, the properties form a three-mile valley rimmed on both sides by high rock bluffs rising 500 feet above the bottomland bisected by the Meadow Creek stream. The rich valley farmland is nestled between a forest of mixed hardwoods and evergreens and has access to abundant water. Meadowcreek enjoys the Ozark’s generally mild climate and is the home to a variety of native plants animals as well as flora and fauna usually found in more arid climates. Meadowcreek is a beautiful and exciting place to live, work and visit at any time of the year.



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